Natural Delights
for Ceremony
 and Celebration 


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the world you want!  
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Affeathermations are hand-made objects assembled 
from found or home-grown natural materials 
 of the animal, plant, and mineral "kingdoms".  
You, of the human kingdom, " 
complete the Circle of Life.

Prices are a general range in each category 

depending on size, quality of the gemstones used, 

and complexity of the assemblage.

Spirit Shields  
          (12-20" diam.  $25 to $50; Turtle Wheel special order only)
Plover/Swan w/ Pussy Willow
Seagull/Purple Weave
Wheel of the Turtle
Heal-the-Earth Wreaths  
          (6-10 " diam.   $15-$25)
Swan w/ Agate Slice
Macaw Weave w/Shell
Grouse w/Feather Flower
Mr. Chips
Medicine Wheels 
          (4" diam. 4-6 feathers $25-$40)
Wheel of Abundance
Wheel of Life
Wheel of Balance
Wheel of Intentions
Wheel of Wholeness
Contain corn, beans, and squash seeds (The Three Sisters) plus a turquoise nugget for healing.
Rattlesnake Cactus w/Grouse, Gull
Gourd w/Blue Pheasant
Milkweed Pods/Driftwood/Turkey
Fans, Dusters, and Prayer Arrows 
          Tools for life practices -- cleansing, healing, and expanding.  ($10-$20)
Seagull w/Amber
Pheasant/Dust Off Your Troubles
Turquoise Lacing w/Shell