Natural Delights
for Ceremony
and Celebration  


Whimsies are just that... 

intended to create smiles that heal the insides

and warm the world a bit.

Feather Flowers
           Spring forsythia stem, leaf/seed/seagrass decoration
           (tropicals $15, domestics $10)
Mr. Chips w/Wheat Straw
Grt. Amazon Parrot/Loon
Tarot Owls
          The classical major arcana, reinterpreted through Mother Nature's lens.
           Come with printed legend of the parallel symbolisms and energies.
The Fool/Seed Energy
The Magician/Resources
The High Priestess/Seeker
          ($5-$15 or ? just never know what might want to be born!)
Princess w/Crystal Basket
Blue Pheasant Owl w/Lapis
Spiritual Warrior
Orange Pheasant Owl w/ Milkweed
...and More!
          •  Rock specimen landscapes representing one of the "four powers" of           material resources, emotions, thoughts, and relationships.
   •  Feathers on a wooden skewer to add color to houseplants in winter;  
                   also makes a great, but short-lived cat toy! ($5).
   •  Abalone shell with crystal "candle" and beaded feathers 
                   representing courage, patience, wisdom, and love. ($15). 
Amethyst Cluster/Bluebird
Feather Bouquet
Serenity Shell
Malachite Geode

Chapbooks are 5-1/2 x 8-1/2, handsewn volumes 
with handmade paper covers.
(Paper by John Rotunno, Butterfly Papers
 (email to

All chapbooks are $10.

Echoes of the Apple Orchard
           A First Wave Feminist 
          with one foot still in traditional roles

Loss and awakening to a new world of spirit -- 
  devas and dream trips, crazy-making or truth?
Early apprenticeship in the seasons' tasks and teachings.
Finding joy and self in the blessed ordinary.
Short Stories

    The Puella Tales (Reprint in press)
        Playing at womanly roles --  and learning the restrictions of                         cultural imperatives, both old and new. 
Earthwalk Meditation Journal and Calendar
Includes the Native focus on seasonal energies/earthwork paths.        Blank spaces in which to write daily meditational insights.  
You WILL begin to see and to learn from the patterns!